MG6 HX 13mm Custom Fit
Professional Personal Monitors

starting at $1,299

Future Sonics HX Ear Monitors® HX models are voice coil fixed vents hidden in space inside helix, top locking part of Ear Monitors®. HX offers FS Studio Audio Signature, HX maximum isolation and increased audio headroom.

Be sure to print off a copy of the Future Sonics AUDIOLOGIST IMPRESSIONS INSTRUCTIONS FORM to take with you to the audiologist office.
Upgrade same set models from 2011+ to HX or FX US$399 plus cable and shipping.

Hear What You've
Been Missing®

Ear Monitors
Be sure to print off a copy of the Future Sonics Custom Product Order Form to take with you to the audiologist office

Features & Specifications

  • 13mm Proprietary Voice Coil design Dynamic Transducer
  • 18Hz - 20,000Hz TrueTimbre™ Response
  • 32ohm Impedance
  • Sensitivity 114dB @ 30Hz
  • HX Helix Fixed Voice Coil Vent +/-26db Ambient Noise Rejection (A.N.R)
  • 50" standard cable / replaceable
  • Recessed “Lock-In” Sockets
  • FS Customized Waterproof Clear Case
  • Loop Cleaning Brush & Product Manual
  • 100% Armature & Crossover Free Technology
  • 100% Serviceable (other than driving over them w/ a car)
  • 30 Day Fit Guarantee
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Future Sonics professional audio products are recognized by H.E.A.R as offering the full range of sound and performance at even the lowest volumes.
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