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Marty Garcia and Steve Miller at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

More than thirty years ago Marty Garcia, founder and CEO, developed the first personal monitor earphones and systems. It is Marty's / Future Sonics dedication to the performers, attention to service and “hands on” approach that continues to provide the finest products delivering confidence and consistency to every application. Future Sonics and the Ear Monitors® Brand were founded on the idea that you can promote long and healthy careers by relieving vocal fatigue while reducing stage volume and in turn preserving the musicians' hearing. This idea paired with excellence in audio quality and unparalleled service carries over into all aspects of the company and its future products.

Future Sonics designs and manufactures its own award-winning MG line of dynamic transducer used in all of its earpieces. This proprietary miniature full range transducer technology is what sets Future Sonics apart from other personal monitor and earphone companies. Their dedication to the finest audio quality, reliability and personal service continues to shine for major tours, venues, artists, engineers, broadcasting and houses of worship worldwide.

Click the links below to read some interviews with Marty Garcia, Founder and CEO of Future Sonics:

History of Future Sonics

  • 1979 - Marty Garcia starts his audio production company, Crystal Sound.
  • 1982 - Garcia created his first custom-fit earphones for Todd Rundgren.
  • 1985 - Crystal Sound merged with Taylor Sound to become CTS Audio.
  • 1985 - Ear Monitors® Brand is born.
  • 1985 - Todd Rundgren Utopia Tour... First wedgeless stage w/ all members wearing FS Ear Monitors® Brand.
  • 1990 - Garcia sold his interest in CTS.
  • 1991 - Future Sonics, Inc Established.
  • 1992 - First Future Sonics Ear Monitors® Brand Ad campaign featuring Phil Collins.
  • 1992 - Steve Miller Band and The Grateful Dead co-headline First full in-ear, wedge-less stadium tour using Future Sonics Ear Monitors® Brand.
  • 1992 - Future Sonics Ear Monitors® Brand receives TEC Award for Sound Reinforcement Product of the Year.
  • 2001 - Future Sonics introduces MG4 proprietary dynamic drivers into the Ear Monitors® Brand.
  • 2002 - Future Sonics OEMs the IE3 earphones for Sennheiser USA.
  • 2002 - Future Sonics introduces they're first universal earphones, Ears EM3.
  • 2002 - Future Sonics Ears EM3 universal earphones nominated for TEC Award.
  • 2005 - Future Sonics celebrates 20th Anniversary.
  • 2006 - Future Sonics OEMs the FS1 Powered by Future Sonics with MG5 proprietary dynamic drivers.
  • 2006 - Future Sonics introduces MG4plus proprietary dynamic drivers into the Ear Monitors® Brand.
  • 2007 - Future Sonics introduced Atrio® Series professional earphones with 10mm FS proprietary dynamic drivers.
  • 2009 - Future Sonics Ear Monitors® Brand wins Pro Sound News & Live Sound International's Readers Choice Award for Established Leader - Sound Reinforcement In-Ear Earpieces.
  • 2009 - Future Sonics Atrio named “Earphone of the Year” Mac|Life Magazine.
  • 2010 - Ear Monitors® Brand 25th Anniversary.
  • 2010 - Future Sonics Atrio® M5 wins 2nd Annual Pro Sound News & Live Sound International's Readers Choice Award for Sound Reinforcement In-Ear Earpieces
  • 2011 - Marty Garcia is inducted into the TEC Foundation's 2010 TECnology Hall of Fame for Future Sonics Ear Monitors®- First Commercially Available In-Ear Monitoring System (1985)
  • 2011 - Future Sonics introduces mg6pro 13mm proprietary dynamic drivers into their Flagship Ear Monitors® Brand
  • 2011 - Future Sonics introduces mg5pro 10mm Ear Monitors® Brand
  • 2012 - Future Sonics mg6pro 13mm Ear Monitors® Brand nominated for TEC Award.
  • 2015 - Future Sonics releases Spectrum Series G10 Universal Fit Professional Personal Monitors.
  • 2017 - Future Sonics releases custom Ear Monitors® models, MG5 FX, MG5 HX, MG6 FX & MG6 HX.
  • 2018 - Future Sonics founder Marty Garcia Honored by Television Academy For Contributions To The Emmy Award Winning Achievement, 59th Grammy Awards
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